Choose Joy: How Choosing More Joy in Your Life Will Change the World
March 19, 2018
Choose Joy: How Choosing More Joy in Your Life Will Change the World

By Michelle Nelson-Schmidt 

I read the news and it's bleak. It's sad. It's heartbreaking, anxiety-filled and rage-inducing at times. It's a fine-line between wanting to stay informed and wanting to hide in a corner rocking myself under a blanket because what's the point, right?   But I found the answer. It will work for you too, promise! The best part? Is that it actually will change the world!   


Change the world by choosing joy today. Do something today, anything, that brings you joy and makes you smile. Do something that makes your heart feel as if it's all lit up inside and could might burst from the pleasure.  Now, I know what you're thinking. I do. But, I give you permission. Forget about what you have to do, forget about why you don't think you deserve it, forget about every excuse you have ready and waiting to squash this idea and just...go make some joy! 

You might think that choosing to do something joyful for yourself is selfish. But that could not be further from the truth. Seriously, choosing joy is not selfish, it's a public service! Joy is literally one of the highest frequencies of energy that exists in the world. That means that when you create joy for yourself, you are elevating the energy on the whole planet. Think about that for a moment! A simple act that makes your heart happy, fills up your soul, something that makes you smile from ear to ear actually will make the earth a better place! It's science! For real, look it up!  

I've been choosing joy for a while now, so I go big when I choose joy. I once rented a cargo van and drove 19 hours round trip to go get an 11-foot blue whale sculpture that I wanted to hang in my living room - and had no idea how I'd hang it. My joyful blue whale now greets me every morning - but that's another story for another time.  

Can't go drive cross country to pick up an 11-foot whale? Need to go a bit smaller? Maybe you're out of the practice for creating joy. That's okay! Creating joy right now is easy! Here's some easy-peasy ideas guaranteed to bring joy into your life immediately! 

  • Find your favorite song - you know the the one, you're already humming it - you know every single word to it - go sing it as loudly and exuberantly as you can! I dare you not to feel the joy! If you're in an office? Make it a sing-a-long! 

  • Watch your favorite funny movie and laugh out loud at all your favorite parts - loudly and unapologetically! Snort-laugh if you want to! 

  • Go to your local bookstore, sit down on the floor in the children's section and read a stack of picture books. The joy factor will be off the charts, promise! 

  • Go to that doughnut shop and get that dang doughnut you love so much and eat it with no guilt. Eat it with the joy of a 5-year-old! Better yet, eat it with a 5-year-old - double the joy!  

When you choose to bring joy into your life, your joy will elevate the world and make it a better place. You will literally elevate the joy in the world for ALL OF US.Now go create some joy and help me change the world with one joyful act of enthusiasm and exuberance at a time.  

Also: Don't forget to say thank you and be grateful for the joy in the world that you are a part of. 

Michelle Nelson-Schmidt is an author, illustrator, public speaker, mother, sister, daughter, and wife. She loves dogs, the beach, and a really great Boston cream doughnut from time to time. But most of all she loves living life enthusiastically and exuberantly while making a whole lot of mistakes along the way.  Permission granted for use on -

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