No Dating Until Children Are 18
February 17, 2015
No Dating Until Children Are 18

Hi Dr. Laura, 

Years ago, I wrote thanking you for your stand on staying single until the children turn 18 years old. I became divorced when they were elementary school age. You and my pastor's wife were the only voices saying not to date until the kids were 18. I did listen, though it was extremely hard. I was one of those ladies who tended to be a little "guy crazy". However, I put aside the romance novel ideas, and invested in my three kids. It was the BEST advice ever!! I can't even stress enough how often I think I am so glad I waited! 

All of my children have grown to be such amazing young adults. My oldest 2 are in the Navy, and both are working toward being officers. My youngest, a daughter, is an RN at a local hospital. She is married to an amazing young man.  I'm proud of them all. They have such great hearts to serve others, and they are strong people. 

I am so thankful I was able to be there for my kids during their years of growing up and not trying to deal with all the adjustments of a new marriage. Please keep telling parents not to remarry when they have minor children. I know I do. It is not what they hear from tv commercials, movies, songs on the radio, or well-meaning friends and family. 

As for me, I started dating, once my kids were adults. 

Thanks again, and I know my kids thank you too! 


Posted by Staff at 10:59 AM