Doing The Right Thing, Not The Easy Thing
May 22, 2018
Doing The Right Thing, Not The Easy Thing

I am a proud stay-at-home mom to a four-year-old boy, with another on the way.  My husband and I are so happy, and it's all because of you!  If you could hear my son saying "do the right thing" at the end of each show, you would melt to the ground!  Every day, I try to live by your words - I do the right thing and not the easy thing.  

That's what made me quit my job as a teacher four months ago to be a stay-at-home mom.  When my son was small, I should not have listened to all the veteran working moms who told me that my child would only cry for a few weeks until he got adjusted to whichever paid person was watching him.  I didn't listen to my child's cry and his needs, because I was busy feeling needed at a job and getting the affirmation that I was a noble person because I was a teacher.  I felt like I was trying to raise other parents' children who didn't have time for them because they were too busy working!  

Without a doubt, all the kids who acted up in my classes had parents who were too busy working and couldn't be bothered to parent their own kids.  The kids were always covered in money and bragged about the latest vacation they had taken.  That was a hard reality check for me.  The day I decided to quit to become a mother to my own child, was the day I will always celebrate for not being a self-centered individual.  I no longer miss out on my son's spontaneous hugs and kisses, and his little voice telling me that he loves me like the sun and the moon in the sky.  Our home is happier and stronger because of you.  I know I did the right thing by my child.  You've taught me morals and values that I was never taught by my own parents.


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