Trading Time To Carry The Torch
May 15, 2019
Trading Time To Carry The Torch

When I was 26, I met a man to whom I was very attracted.  It was important for me not to "jump in" too fast.  I knew young women responded differently to sex than young men do, but I cared very much for this man and I let my guard down.  We had incredible sex, which I thought was truly lovemaking, and it made me very vulnerable.  I felt very much in love with him.  Not too long after that great encounter, he moved away.

It was not supposed to be permanent.  He said he would be back.  I carried this burning torch in my heart, and we were "on and off" over the next twenty-five years!!  I tried to find another, but none measured up to what I had with him.  I was never able to have a real relationship because I hoped he might return with his white horse.  I tell you this in hopes that a young woman might hear it and understand there is much so much to lose in thinking like this.  You can lose your heart, and sometimes it never comes back.  Your heart and body are a treasure, and they can only be given so many times.

Lucky for me, I found you, Dr. Laura.  You've helped me realize that this was all just a fantasy, and I'm working to put it behind me for the last time.  I've missed so much in my life, and I know that my chances for a quality relationship are now very limited.  However, I am going forward a stronger and better person because of what I've learned from listening to you.  Thank you.



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