Raising Young Men
October 10, 2017
Raising Young Men

Dr. Laura:

I've heard you speak about how today's society cripples our boys and doesn't teach them anything about what it means to be a man.  I'm proud to say my husband and I are a happily married couple bringing up our boys differently.  Our boys are young men who enjoy working on woodworking projects and fixing small engine issues with their dad.  We call ourselves the "Beaver Cleaver" family of today.  We don't permit them access to Facebook and they don't even like video games.  I guess we're just old-fashioned.  

It's a challenge to raise the boys as we are, but we wouldn't have it any other way.  They have seen many John Wayne films with their dad and love that time spent with him.  Hopefully, they will turn out to be half the man my husband is.  He's the husband and father of my dreams.  Thank you for your constant reminder that what matters most is keeping our marriage strong and making sure we are our kids' parents and not their friends.




Posted by Staff at 10:59 AM