Getting More Done - The Dr. Laura Way
July 11, 2013
Getting More Done - The Dr. Laura Way

How do I get so much done? It's simple:

  1. I'm very disciplined.  I make a plan, and I keep to the plan. 
  2. I'm not easily distracted.
  3. I follow through. 
  4. I don't put wasteful or unnecessary things on the plan.
  5. I DON'T multitask.  When you multitask, you think you're doing two things at once, but in fact, you're not.  Your performance of each task actually suffers by shifting back and forth because your brain doesn't work that way.  If you only did one task to completion and then the other task to completion at a separate time, you'd be amazed at how much more complete the completions were.

Most importantly, I have a routine.  Most people just have chaos. In order to get more done, you need to make a habit of sticking to habit.  For example, write emails or hit the gym at the same time every day.  Whatever things you want to do or responsibilities you have, do them on a certain day at a certain time. 

Here are some more time management techniques:

  1. Get up earlier. There will be fewer distractions.
  2. Always get the crummiest task out of the way first.  When you have a bunch of things to do on a particular day, choose the task you are least looking forward to doing and do it first. 
  3. Don't confuse being busy with being effective.
  4. Don't think you have to be perfect at everything.
  5. Appreciate what you have done by your standards, not by how someone else measures it.
  6. Turn off your phone and social media when you're trying to get something done.
  7. Take breaks.  Sometime in the middle of the day, you should definitely take a break.  I am totally against people not having lunch. It's a time to relax and get some nutrition. 
  8. Eat well and get plenty of rest.
  9. Have moments of nothing.  Sometimes after a stressful day on the air, I just grab the dogs and take a walk.
  10. Learn to say "no".
  11. Reward yourself in a way that's not destructive (like eating 20 lbs of chocolate).

Time management is all about making appropriate choices, eliminating distractions, keeping yourself healthy, fit, and focused, and learning when to take breaks.  As many things as I can do in a week, I make damned sure that if I'm feeling frazzled or tired, I stop.  I know anything I do when I'm frazzled or tired is not going to be done that well anyway, and I'm only going to be more frustrated.

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