With a Passion, I Became Someone
June 7, 2012
With a Passion, I Became Someone

I am a product of abuse and haven't seen my mother since I was 7 and my father since I was 15, when I ran away. Because of this, I've always felt I needed to "BE SOMEONE." Thus I went to college for biochemistry, graduated with a 3.5, and attended a Ph.D. program in biochemistry afterwards. I found the program easy, but I didn't enjoy the day. I didn't like who I was, or what I was doing.

THAT'S WHEN I CALLED YOU, about 3 years ago. You straight out told me the program wasn't for me. I tried to tell you otherwise, and you told me again the program wasn't for me.  I left the program taking an early Master’s.

I started working at a residential group home for teens with troubled pasts. I have found myself through giving to them, and since I love what I do, it's funny, but I AM SOMEONE.

I have since earned another Master’s in Secondary Education, and have taken a job offer to be the head of a department that deals with behavior and academic issues of students, along with being the head of the science department in a BRAND NEW school in Sweden. It is funny how hard I worked to be someone, but when I had passion for what I did, everything fell into place.

I have listened to you since I was 12 with my AM Walkman, and I am now 27. Sadly, as I move to Sweden I may lose out on our afternoon sessions.

Thank you,


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