Living With Integrity
November 25, 2013
Living With Integrity

Dr. Laura,

This passage about integrity reminded me of you - Peace, Andrea

"...Thomas Aquinas says the experience of beauty always involves 'integrity.' Integrity is not something we create or acquire; it is being faithful to 'who' and 'what' we are. 'Who' and 'what' we are has been given to us, by God. We are God’s 'image.' Thus, at the core of our souls is profound beauty—a perpetual mirroring of God’s infinite beauty. We are not called to look beautiful, but to BE beautiful; not by having perfect bodies or perfect smiles or perfect personalities, but by living with integrity—which is being faithful to our deepest, most essential selves; because our deepest, most essential self is overflowing with beauty, God’s Beauty. by Craig Bullock"

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