I Got My Husband Back
August 19, 2013
I Got My Husband Back

Dearest Dr Laura, 

I have been married for 3 years and it has been tough: my husband works abroad for 2 months at a time.   Due to jet lag and exhaustion of working 2 months solid without days off, when he comes home, he can be quite grumpy.  I would always retaliate to this by moaning and nagging. I often felt sorry for myself that I was the one left at home all the time and didn't believe he understood how I felt. This would cause a lot of resentment and arguments.  At one point things were not good, but neither of us wanted to give up on our marriage. 

On a recent holiday with my husband, we met a young man who was making a living for his wife and daughter back in India.  He only gets to see them once a year!!! From that moment on I knew I had to re-examine at my relationship, and that's when I came across your book, The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands.  It made me see how hard my husband works and what he goes through to give us the life we have.  I realized I have been selfish and a nag.  I'm surprised he is still here, but so happy he is! I put everything in the book into practice including treating my husband like a guest in our own home, showering him with compliments, admiration and affection, leaving notes each morning for him.  I bought him a season ticket for his favourite football club so he could have more time with his friends, and the list goes on.  And like the book says, the more I do, the more he reciprocates. I feel our relationship is back to the way we were when we first got together. 

I have read your book 4 times now and as soon as I finish, I just start again. I can say for the first time in years I am so happy.  Thank you for giving me my husband back and making me a good wife who acts like a girlfriend! 


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