Dangerous and Deadly Bullying
December 12, 2017
Dangerous and Deadly Bullying

Hello Dr. Laura,

As a mother of two young sons, I am alarmed by the different kinds of bullying methods that are used today and some of these methods, as we know, are potentially deadly.

I wanted to make you aware of a website I found which has the potential of destroying many people's lives and reputations. When I was searching for something else, I happened to come across a website and when I clicked into it, I noticed it was a forum for people to post pictures and comments about people they hate. Then other users can vote if that person is a "jerk" or not and post additional damaging comments. They post the victim's name and photo and after that, it's a free-for-all libelous forum. What was VERY alarming was many of the names and pictures I saw posted were of middle-school aged children. There was one particular posting about a red-headed boy who didn't even look like he was out of middle school. Someone had posted his picture, his full name, and then posted they thought he was a loser and a "f-g". Another person said he won't go to heaven. Then many others posted negative comments about this poor child just based on his appearance. As a mother, I am horrified.

By the way, I am currently pursuing a Doctor of Psychology while I stay at home. (I am one of those women who left a high-powered career to stay at home). Anyhow, one of the things that concerns me as a parent and as a future psychologist is this phenomenon of online bullying. I see it has been responsible for deaths already, but when I see sites like this, I see it is going to be getting a whole lot worse. How do we, as parents, stop the tide and protect our own children?

Thank you, Dr. Laura, I love your show and you are the absolute role model for all women! You go, girl!!


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