Making The Difference For Others
June 23, 2017
Making The Difference For Others

Dr. Laura:

I have been very active in keeping my son involved in doing service for others.  Earlier this year on Earth Day, I grabbed two sets of gardening gloves and garbage bags and parked on the side of the road so we could pick up trash.  We talked about littering and how wrong it is.  I also explained to him (at six years of age) that if everyone did their part, how beautiful the world be.  One hour, and two hands can clean up an amazing amount of space.

We also volunteer at our local Cat Coalition once a week, cleaning, feeding and loving the kitties.  My son loves THIS volunteer work the most.   And once a year we participate in Toys for Tots, where he picks out toys for needy children.  During his own toy cleanout, he picks from his collection of toys that he no longer uses and put them aside for a child who might like them.  He has come to me outside of these times, too, offering to donate stuffed animals too.  All those little things make a difference, not only for others but most of all in our own hearts.



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