Keeping Me On My Toes
January 22, 2018
Keeping Me On My Toes

My dearest Dr. Laura,

I wanted to share with you how my 4-year-old son has recently kept me on my toes. We were in the car on Monday driving home from the store when he said, “Mom, I want an iPad”. Knowing how kids rot their brains out on all these devices these days, I responded with, “Well honey… maybe when you get a little older”. He sighed and dropped the subject.

Tuesday, he asked again, “Mommy, can I get an iPad?” I smiled at him and said “Sweetie, there are so many other fun things to do. Let’s play a board game instead”. He smiled and I thought I had won. Until yesterday.

As we were driving to pick his 11-year-old brother up from school, he said, “Mom, can I PLEASE get an iPad???” Realizing this was a subject he just wasn’t going to forget about, I said “Why do you want an iPad so badly? What would you do with an I-Pad?” He smiled from ear to ear and said, “I just want to play pirates with my friends”. It was then I realized he meant an eye-patch.

I simply adore you and have for the 20+ years I have listened to you. Please continue to bless us with your insight as long as you possibly can.



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