Things Not In My Control
November 14, 2017
Things Not In My Control

Dr. Laura

I phoned you about 6 months ago because I was trying to 'fix' my husband's relationship with his mother. She has nothing to do with us or our children while living only minutes away. My husband has very little to say about this, only that his mother will change her attitude when she misses us enough and until then our children have 3 other amazing grandparents.

Since your advice, I have stopped trying to fix the things out of my control and I am enjoying the relationships in our lives that are uplifting and positive. I am also letting my husband be the man he is and not undermining his decisions. Mostly I wanted to change this relationship because I always hoped my children would have the grandparents I never did. Now I see they do, without her. This has helped my marriage so much. Thank you for your passion, your wisdom and your insight. You may never know just how much you saved.

From an ever grateful and lucky lady who married a real man. Now thanks to you I am behaving more like his loving girlfriend.


Posted by Staff at 10:57 AM