Great-Grandma Love
February 22, 2019
Great-Grandma Love

If I could do anything today it would be to have my mother back for just one day. Mother has dementia and her behavior is very erratic now -- she doesn't always recognize people. Her physical capabilities are pretty much gone and just hugging can cause pain even though she never refuses one.

I would love to have her back to share my wonderful grandchildren with her. And have them experience the same love and affection that I did. I would like to see her read to them a wonderful story, or bake cookies with them and spoil them in a way that only Great-Grandma can! To give them special Great-Grandma memories that would last throughout their lifetime. To let them know her and her to know them. Just 24 hours of Great-Grandma love!


Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM