Making 'Love' A Daily Routine
May 12, 2020
Making 'Love' A Daily Routine

Recently, I heard you speak with a woman about "loving her husband" as a VERB.  How spot on you were!  I wake up every morning and think how I can make my husband's life happier, better, and easier.  I stay home with our three kids and he has an essential job out of the house.  What I have gained is a husband who rubs my back nearly every day and rubs my feet every night.  He tells me every single day how sexy and beautiful I am.  He can't wait to come home and see me, and he helps out with the kids and chores after work.  We make time and effort for each other.

Every Wednesday, I make a yummy meal, the kids hang out upstairs and my husband and I trek down to our bedroom where we have a tiny table and chairs set up. We watch a movie and enjoy each other's company during quarantine (because we can't leave the house).  It's the little things he loves - like my telling him how amazing he is and how much I appreciate him.  He loves it when I kiss him passionately or smack his butt and tell him he's sexy.  He loves it when I make his favorite food from scratch. All these things and more are essential for us to maintain the giddy girlfriend/boyfriend relationship we had in the beginning, but it's so much more now.  Keep doing what you're doing, and I'll keep loving on my amazing husband.


Posted by Staff at 2:01 AM