Life Lessons From Dr. Laura
August 6, 2019
Life Lessons From Dr. Laura

Last year, I called you because I wanted the intimate setting of a beach wedding for my impending nuptials, but my fiancé said he couldn't imagine getting married anywhere without his family and friends present. You set me straight and told me not to be difficult before he even carried me over the threshold.

I've listened to you since I could annoy my parents from the backseat of our car.  I got your message about choosing wisely, and I put a lot of emphasis on finding a man with character and integrity who I could count on to do the right thing.  On a beautiful Saturday last month, while waiting for my dad to come get me, I took a moment to look out over a backyard filled with 150 smiling faces of our closest family and friends, let alone one happy groom!

We said our vows to each other, and I realized how many of the things I promised had echoed in my ears from your radio show.  Things like "always be his girlfriend," support him in big decisions and let go of the little things.  Communicate promptly and speak kindly to him.  I promised to make our family's love and happiness my priority and to be his biggest fan.  Thank you for talking some sense into me a year ago, because you led me to the decision which was my first gift to him as his wife - that was the gift of compromise.  To put his needs and wants ahead of my own.  And as we promised to spend our lives together, I got a gift as well.  As I looked in his eyes, I knew I made him happy.   What a great feeling and what a great lesson as we entered our marriage.

Lots of hugs,


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