Grandma Can You Babysit Again?
February 14, 2011
Grandma Can You Babysit Again?

[Dogs playing and wrestling]  All righty then.  Talk about the original odd couple.  [Laughs]  Hi, I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger with Butch and Bebe here to talk to you about what Suzanne has in her mind as a question.

[(In regards to her dogs...laughing) You know when they first started that, I wondered if it was play or if they were mad at each other, but that's how they play.  It's so cute.]

All righty, let me answer the question from Suzanne:

"Our daughter is a single, divorced mom of a three-year-old, [I'm very sad already] she's still living at home with us while she attends college.  [At least the little kid is in family.]  She takes very good care of her child, but she likes to act like a 19-year-old instead of a 25-year-old in terms of friends, partying and going out with men.  How much babysitting should we do for her?  She seems to think we can babysit anytime because we are home and she can put her child to bed and then go out and roam."

Ok, I'm going to say it straight out: your daughter is an immature, self-centered jerk.  However, this three-year-old is a innocent child.  So, your daughter's going to go out and do her skuzzy behavior.  Your job as a grandma, which I would consider it as my job as a grandma, is to rescue and protect my grandchild.  I would not complain about taking care of my grandchild any day or night, especially when I know that the parent in charge is not acting as a parent in charge.  Sorry about your daughter, there's not much you can do about her, but don't let her leave with the kid.  Keep her "kissy kissy" so that you can be the one to rescue and take care of this innocent, dependent little kid.  If not, just send the kid to my house.

I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger, be back with you next time! 

[Petting dogs]  Ohhh, are you eating the grass?  Ok, that's...eww. [Throws something from dog's mouth].  See what a mother has to put up with?!  I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger, see you next time!

Grandma, Can You Babysit Again? 

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