Traits of a Truly Beautiful Person
February 27, 2013
Traits of a Truly Beautiful Person
To me, the most important ingredient of human beauty is character. In today's world we see all the 'beautiful people' who run around having affairs, or marry multiple times, or just behave irresponsibly, and then whine that they're not really "...anybody's role model." Well, you get the picture.

A truly beautiful person has character. He or she may not be beautiful in the world's definition, but they are beautiful because:

1: They are honest with themselves and others.
2: You can depend on them.  If they give their word, it happens.
3: If they do make a mistake, they take responsibility for their actions/words and then try to change their behavior or language.
4: If you need them, they are there. They will spend their own precious time and take you to lunch just to let you talk while they listen.
5: They always do their best.
6: They don't care what others think of you, they stick by you and have your back.
7: They never run you down in public.
8: If you are wrong about something, they will take you aside and tell you why.
9: They don't need to always be in the spotlight or center stage.
10: They have self confidence and a belief in what they stand for and what they are all about.

To me a person with CHARACTER is the most beautiful person there is. And, the best part about this? There can be any number of truly beautiful people in this world!

Thank you for reading this.


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