Working Through Procrastination
January 7, 2020
Working Through Procrastination


Hi Dr. Laura:

I've been a listener for over 25 years, and recently, I heard you talk about procrastination.  It really hit home for me.  I get to work very early to get a good start, but then I start doing the things I "like."  They're all work-related, but they're easy and fun to do.  I save the really difficult things for "later."  I goof around on my iPad, I listen to voicemails, I check the news, and then by the time mid-afternoon rolls around, I'm too exhausted to do the important things I need to get done.

Your ten minutes of tips about procrastination helped me come up with a good strategy for pushing through the difficult stuff!  I now shut off my phone, my iPad, my chatting apps and my email in the MORNING until I get through the tough stuff.  Then I can do the things I "like" in the afternoon, knowing all the important things are already done.



Posted by Staff at 2:01 AM