A Poem: 'Mom'
May 10, 2013
A Poem: 'Mom'


You never appreciate mother until you have children of your own,
It's then you will remember, all the things your mom has shown.

She demonstrated tenderness, patience, love and care,
No matter what the time, no matter when or where.

Mom wiped away your tears, she bandaged your scraped knee,
she took you places and showed you things, you'd never thought you'd see.

Mom gave you strength and courage in the middle of the night,
and stayed with you, right by your side until the morning light.

Mom taught you how to brush your teeth and how to lace your shoes,
She taught you how to laugh, and sing and dance away the blues.

Mom taught you how to make a sandwich, and later how to cook,
She had you learn your manners, no matter what it took.

Mom taught you what is rude and unkind, the things you should not do,
She taught you how to love yourself and how to love others, too.

She showed you right from wrong, by doing what you should.
And how to live an honest life by doing what you could.

She baked with you and made you cookies, let you decorate a cake,
And Mom helped you with your homework, as long as it would take.

Have you told her lately that you love her, and appreciate her, too,
Have you showed her what she means to you, in all you say and do?

So if you haven't call your mother, within a week or two,
tell me what you're waiting for, must I dial for you?

© Maryanne Dunne May 9, 2013

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