In My Opinion, As A Millennial
September 27, 2016
In My Opinion, As A Millennial

The kind of woman that deserves being valued and taken care of is a woman who respects herself and has morals.

The problem with dating today, from my perspective as a millennial is:

  1. People don't teach their sons and daughters what real responsible grown men and women do and do not do. They teach that it is acceptable to continue with childish, teen behavior well into their 30's. 

  2. They don't teach their daughters about respecting themselves as a human being or the harsh realities and truths about actions and outcomes. 

  3. People raise children who grow into adults that believe they are entitled to everyone's respect for merely existing. They need to teach them that you earn respect through consistency, actions and respecting yourself. 

  4. There is a shortage of "real" men and women because of the way we have been raised. The acceptance of the adult child in society as a normal way of living and being. This is something I find to be so troublesome.

I may be "too traditional" for some people but I honestly, don't care, and will continue with certain expectations. I will be the best woman I can be with the same consistency, and loyalty. You don't give these things to just anyone- they earn them.

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