December 7, 2017

Dear Dr. Laura,

I am where I am now because of you and a dear friend along the way of 11 years.  I found myself slipping lately due to the economy and my career. So, I thrust my head into my books hunting for Bad Childhood - Good Life. My thirst to find it was almost comical. With an enormous deep sigh, I sank into my comfort chair and reread this book.  I felt the strength wrap me in glory again. When I reread the book, it was so comforting to see the growth and the pride I have in my wonderful quality of life. Demons do tread and they don't tread lightly.

Why did I find myself hunting for strength? I was finding myself short in answers, impatient and flustered. My son said, "Mom, did you take your Thyroid pill today?" I just needed to get my power back.



Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM