Women Need to Respect Themselves
February 20, 2013
Women Need to Respect Themselves
Dr. Laura,
In my opinion, men do not court women like they used to because some men have lost respect for women.  Frankly, a lot of women act as though they don't deserve respect. They act like sex objects, as if their highest worth is merely their bodily assets.

Believe me, a lot of men (myself included) have a healthy desire to see women's bodies! They're beautiful. But when a woman is perfectly willing to display and even relinquish her body to a man -- and for free! -- without an obligation on the man's part to first give her a commitment of lifelong fidelity as a marriage partner, why should he bother with dignity, courtesy, and respect? The woman doesn't even respect herself.

As someone said, "It's the rare rancher who will buy a cow when he can get its milk for free."


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