1954 Movie: There's Always Tomorrow
August 15, 2013
1954 Movie: There's Always Tomorrow

Dr. Laura,

I watched an old movie last night and thought of you all throughout the movie. The movie starred Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck and it was basically about a man who entertained an affair with an old flame because he was ignored by his wife and kids. The character was always trying to please his wife, but she always was distracted by what the kids wanted and her volunteerism needed first. The kids basically ignored their father except when they needed money. 

I have listened to you for years and have learned to be my husband's girlfriend and have learned to enjoy the activities he enjoys doing just so we can do things together. I have become a crack shot as a result of these activities and really knew he was thinking of me when he bought me my own AK47 rifle! I am one lucky girl.

Thank you for nagging all of us wives to be our husband's girlfriends. In this movie, the only reason the wife kept her husband was the "girlfriend" had a conscience and eventually turned him away. It is a movie worth watching even if it is almost 60 years old, lots of lessons that Mother Laura teaches!


(my husband's girlfriend)

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