A Moment I Will Always Cherish
January 8, 2018
A Moment I Will Always Cherish

Dr. Laura:

I am a husband, father, and grandfather, married forty-three years to an amazing and wonderful woman.  We have four grown children, all married, and eleven grandchildren - ten granddaughters and one grandson.  

Last week, my son and I and his son (our only grandson) were taking some "guy time" and went to our cabin for a day - it's a two-hour drive.  My son talked to me about the advice I had given him as a young man 20 years ago that I wanted to share with you now.  I had told him to observe what other people do and the consequences of their actions.  I suggested he pay attention to what works and what doesn't, so he wouldn't have to repeat the same mistakes to prove they didn't work!  He said to me, "It made me look at the bigger picture rather than at the moment.  It was the best advice you ever gave me."

I've listened to your program and hear over and over again your frustration with different people making the same mistakes and bad choices, especially when they have no good reason for doing so.  Why does generation after generation do that?  Our job as parents is to prepare our children to be adults and to help them learn to make decisions on their own and to point out the pitfalls of not making good decisions.  They just need to learn to connect the dots.  As a father, I just wanted to hug my son when he told me about the best advice I gave him, but I was driving!  Still, it's a moment I will cherish.


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