The Value of Marriage
November 17, 2017
The Value of Marriage
Dr. Laura:

At the age of 22, I feel like an outcast among young women my age.  All I keep hearing is “how can you really know a guy unless you live with him before getting married?”  At one point, I would have agreed, but after listening to you now for over a year, I laugh at those who ask me that question.  I stand up for my belief that the moment I live with a man is when I have a ring.  I want these girls to know that I could make $200 a night having sex with some dude who has no intention of true commitment.   

I have a boyfriend, and we’ve been dating almost two years.  We have never “lived together,” and won’t.  When I told him I wouldn’t be a “shack-up,” he was shocked, but once I explained how much I value marriage and would rather have him carry me into our new home with a ring on my finger, he stood by my side.  Now he holds my hand in the car as we listen to you together.  Please continue to speak up about the importance of women respecting themselves enough to let a man lay down his life for her and commit to her fully.  Please continue to be the “bad ass” that you are, reiterating how crucial it is not to make babies with men who are suitable to be fathers.  Together, we’ll minimize the negative effect the feminist movement has on young women!  Boy, it feels so good not to be one of them!

Many thanks,


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