Taking Ownership Of Your Decisions And Actions
March 20, 2018
Taking Ownership Of Your Decisions And Actions

Dr. Laura:

I often hear women call you to complain about their husbands, and I love it when you ask a very straightforward question: "So you dated for how long, saw these tendencies, and still decided to marry him and make babies with him?"  

In a society where we women are empowered to "take back our rights!" I notice that we also don't want to have ownership of our "wrongs."  We want the control without the responsibility (I think that's a quote from you).  

Thank you for reminding millennial wives and mothers like me to focus on the choices we have made (good or bad) and own them.  If we chose wisely, the "treat kindly" would be natural.  So, ladies, stop complaining and start taking responsibility for yourselves!


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Posted by Staff at 10:59 AM