Thank You For Your Light In A Darkening World
August 30, 2017
Thank You For Your Light In A Darkening World

Dear Dr. Laura,

I called you last August, after having a horrible day in family court. I was going through a divorce. My wife had filed after she had been involved in an affair for years. I discovered the affair 18 months prior to that date and I was utterly destroyed.

You told me that my feelings of despair were normal. You made me laugh a little when I had not laughed in years! The reason for my email today is to thank you, for the times that you recognize that it is not only men that are abusers.  After 18 months of trying to repair, forgive, plead, beg, cry, demand, I became angry at times. I started to suffer from depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. You told me to go for walks and exercise when those feelings came to me -- it works!

With the help of a local women's shelter, she was able to get the courts to remove me from the home. Now I have an executive level position and I have a very nice apartment. A very perceptive judge completely reversed the restrictions of a lower court judge. The judge actually listened to my side of the story and seemed to see the entire picture. I am functioning again, I am thinking clearly, and I am losing weight!

My heart while sad but isn't broken and I want to live for my girls more than anything. Thank you for your light in a darkening world!

Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM