Advice for Couples: Save a Little Energy for Later!
November 29, 2012
Advice for Couples: Save a Little Energy for Later!

Hi Dr. Laura:

To get “in the mood,” it helps to have a little phrase or signal to give your partner a "heads up," especially if you tend to do it on a schedule (like Saturday night) and you want to break the routine. Our friends have a special candle at home. When it's lit, it means tonight's the night.

At our wedding reception, as I was making the rounds greeting guests after our meal, one older lady pulled me aside and told me to "save a little energy for later." My husband and I got a good laugh at that phrase, and it has become our little signal. When he says that to me, it gives me a heads up to put my mental to-do list away or rethink some priorities and get ready -- no excuses!

Also... it's good to be a morning person -- no interruptions, no thoughts on what else needs to be done, and I can shower afterwards (or during). As your kids get older, carve away some time while they are at sport or music practices.

Be sure to save a little energy for later!


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