Facing My Problem, Head On
December 5, 2018
Facing My Problem, Head On

I had a big "aha" moment recently.  I usually listen to your podcast, and I fast forward whenever there's a call about a woman who is fat.  Three weeks ago, I was about to do that again.  I don't listen to the "fat" calls, because I don't want to hear them.  "Eat less, move more" is what I heard yet again before I got to the fast-forward button.  That's when I had the moment.  Instead of hitting that button, I turned up the volume.  It was an update from a woman who was calling to tell you how much her smiling at the gym has helped her attitude, and you said you were proud of her.

I was not so proud of me.  It nagged me for a week, and then my daughter took a picture of me.  I saw it with bug-eyed horror!  I saw the "fat" picture that someone uses when they pair it with an "after" picture when they have lost a significant amount of weight.  I so wanted to delete it, but I kept it.  THAT's when your words really resonated!  So, I'm moving more and eating less - a LOT less.  I think of that call and that fat picture when I want to reach for food.  

Today I am six pounds lighter, and I listened to another "fat call" - this time all the way to the end.  Then I cried.  I'm finally proud of myself.  I've got a long way to go, but I'm putting in the work, and I already have my "after" picture in my head.


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