Women Have the Power
March 20, 2017
Women Have the Power

Hello Dr. Laura:
Men can't be men today because they don't have the power, women have the power.

Men live by the golden rule "If she is happy, we are happy".  It is no longer what's in the best interest of the man; it's what is in the best interest of the woman.  A man's job is to make his wife happy, not the other way around.  Why? Quite simple.  All one has to do is look at the divorce courts. Get out of line; don't make spouse happy, and she files for a divorce.  Man loses children, house, half of his income, and pays for spouse's attorney.  He loses his life - game over.  So the wife, once the children are born, has all the power based on our messed up and irresponsible divorce court system.  Men must make their wives happy, or else there will be major consequences for the man, especially if the woman stays home with the children.  So men can't be men because they end up with no life - they put up with a lot of crap to just stay out of trouble.

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