What is SGS?
September 7, 2012
What is SGS?

Hi, Dr. Laura!

I teach high school in California, and my wife and I have two daughters. Fifteen years ago when our daughters were in high school and over 16 (we didn't allow them to date until they were 16), my younger daughter had been dating a young man for a few months. At one point, I noticed he was not around anymore, and I asked her what happened with her boyfriend. She said, "Oh we broke up. I got SGS and I broke up with him."

Now I thought I knew my daughter well, but this sounded like a sexually transmitted disease.  Before jumping to conclusions, however, I tried to stay calm and asked what SGS was.

She said, "It's like what you talk about regarding the teen girls at your high school… They are really nice people, but when they start dating a guy they start to change. They try to be what he wants and lose themselves and their friends and stuff. You know, they get Stupid Girl Syndrome – SGS!"

I have listened to your program for years because you are so kid-centered in everything you do, as am I. For a long time I kept thinking I should write you about SGS.

You and I have much in common -- we both work out, we both started riding bikes at the same time, we both had bike accidents, we care about people and are almost the same age. Keep up the good work. Thanks for all you do.


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