I Wish I Would Have Been Nicer to My Husband
March 28, 2013
I Wish I Would Have Been Nicer to My Husband

Dr. Laura,

During our thirteen years of marriage my husband and I experienced many of the ups and downs that life has to offer. We had three boys, worked hard, laughed a lot and shared a rich social life. We also fought a lot. We seemed to live in a whirlwind of stress on a daily basis, and over time it took its toll on our relationship.

When my husband was diagnosed with cancer at age 39, all I could focus on was helping him get through the next painful round of chemo and surgery, while juggling the children, and keeping a fake smile on my face every day. He ultimately lost his battle with cancer, and I became a 38-year-old widow, and mother to three young boys with no father.

When I reflect on my marriage, I am still disappointed that we fought like we did. If we had known we would only have a little over a decade together, we would have cherished every moment. I know if he could do it again, he would spend more time with our children, and less chasing the next ring on the corporate ladder. If I could do it again, I would nurture him better, stop trying to change him, be kinder and hug him more often – Because you never know when that hug will be your last.


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