Parents in Their Cell Phones
March 28, 2012
Parents in Their Cell Phones

Hello Dr. Laura,
Love your show!
I was having a lunch date with my 17 year old son the other day; we were at a restaurant on the deck overlooking the river. We were enjoying looking at the fish, feeding them our chips and talking about how big they were – in other words, we were just having fun.
A mom and her daughter (who looked to be about 6 years old), came out and sat at a table next to us. The little girl got up and looked over in the river and said "Mommy, look at the fish." The mom never took her eyes off her cell phone - not once.

As my son and I ate our lunch I kept looking at the mom and daughter.  When their food came, the little girl ran around the deck, came back, took a bite of her food then ran some more.  Mom was still looking at her cell phone. Never once did I hear the mom utter a word to her daughter. My heart broke for this child.
As the child and mom were leaving, my son said "They sure didn't stay long and did you notice the mom never talked to the little girl?" I smiled at my son, knowing at that moment it's sometimes the little things we do with our kids that matter the most in their lives, like throwing chips to hungry fish and laughing.
Thanks for all you do,

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