I'd Pick Dr. Laura Everytime
May 29, 2020
I'd Pick Dr. Laura Everytime

I am a hospice chaplain, and my wife is a schoolteacher. You have been a wonderful addition to our lives. We have had many hours of listening to you for years, and your comments and opinions have been the source for many discussions.

Before the coronavirus quarantines, I was in a van coming back from a short-term mission and to make the time in the van pass quicker, we played a game.  Each person asked a question, and the others in the van answered it and explained why they gave that answer. One question was, "If you had a seven-year-old daughter and had to leave her in the care of someone you had never met, who would it be?" I said it would be Dr. Laura.  My reasoning was that, regardless of your opinion or politics, you have always stood to defend children from harm. I said, "She would stand between evil and the child no matter what the consequences. And the kid might also learn about sailing"

Others in the van picked politicians, religious leaders or people in the media,  but after all had said who they would leave their daughter with, we each restated our decision.  This time, EVERYONE said, "Dr Laura."


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