Compliment and Hug
April 17, 2017
Compliment and Hug

I caught a part of your show today while driving, the caller was feeling overwhelmed by her son. She felt as though her mean mom was inside her. She said that she didn't have a good roll model growing up and it was showing up in her parenting.

I cried when you told her to visualize her mom. I visualized my own mother, getting closer and closer and trying to get inside her. She was instructed to push her back, back, back. And the fact she could do that proved that her mom is not inside her. I found this so helpful and comforting.

I do NOT want to parent like my mother. The best part was when you told her to handle situations with her son with a hug and a compliment. A hug and a compliment. I love this so much and I plan to use this every chance I get with my daughter. So simple.

Please accept my enormous gratitude for not only this, but for all the wisdom I have gained over the decades is your show.

Much love,


Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM