Using the Degree I Worked so Hard to Earn
May 8, 2014
Using the Degree I Worked so Hard to Earn

Twenty years ago, I was a childless, 20-something, ambitious, college-educated newlywed clawing my way up the corporate ladder in Southern California. Each day around noon, while my co-workers made plans to lunch together, I grabbed my sack lunch and slid past them as fast as my high heels would allow, down the marble steps, out to the parking lot and into my car. I'd start the engine, crank up the air, turn the dial to the Dr. Laura show and absorb myself.

I am writing to thank you for being a voice for the dignity of motherhood. Having been raised by a stay-at-home mom, I knew the value of that gift of time and attention given to me. But my mother didn't have a college education and I did. In my 20's, this created a struggle within me. I wanted to use the degree I worked so hard to earn, yet, I wanted to be "my future kids' mom." Today, I am a mother of three happy, confident, accomplished, loving teenagers. I chose to step off the corporate ladder and use my gifts and talents in raising and homeschooling my children. My oldest will be with us for another year before starting college. Time flies. I'm so grateful I spent it with my children. I will never regret that decision. Thank you for giving me the confidence to make it!

By the way, I just finished my first novel manuscript. I've always wanted to write a novel. So, Mom's time DOES come. It comes quickly and without regrets. At least mine did! Keep on encouraging!!


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