Busy Moms and Healthy Habits
February 4, 2013
Busy Moms and Healthy Habits
In order for "busy" moms to "find" time for the important things, we need to first look at what we are doing with our time and be willing to change some things. If we want to have time for reading scriptures or exercising or being intimate with our spouses, those are the first things we need to "schedule" in our days and then structure everything else around them. For healthy eating habits, we need to have healthy food available to us rather than unhealthy things -- prepare vegetables, grains, whatever beforehand so they are ready for us to grab during the day and keep the less-healthy options out of the house.

Just make the rule that after exercise, intimacy, eating right, etc, then we are welcome to do whatever else we tend to spend our time on as much as we want.  We will be more successful rather than just saying we need to exercise.  Do the important stuff first, then get on the computer or watch television or do our crafting (whatever the activity is). So, there may still be days when we don't manage to get the exercising done, but at least we won't have missed it because we were frittering our time away on something of lesser value.


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