He Shows Me What Love Is Daily
June 24, 2019
He Shows Me What Love Is Daily

Dear Dr. Laura:

I live halfway across the country from my parents.  Lately, they've been experiencing several health problems, and some things around their house need to be fixed or repaired.  A few weeks ago, my mom was diagnosed with macular degeneration which likely will lead to blindness in a few years.  I considered flying out to visit them for a few days, but the flights were all expensive and our family is on a budget.

Today, my husband told me that he had booked not one, but TWO flights for us to go visit them in a few weeks.  Immediately, I was overcome with emotion, realizing that my husband had made the kind of decision that a MAN would make.  He lovingly encouraged my relationship with my parents, and he also will be devoting time to fixing whatever needs to be fixed around their house.  When I hugged him with my eyes full of tears, he replied with a simple "You're welcome, sweetie."

He's not the kind of man who does things for praise; he's the kind of man who does this for our family because they are the right and loving things to do.  My husband shows me every day what love is.  

With deepest gratitude,


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