The Acrobat and the Scientist
November 27, 2019
The Acrobat and the Scientist


I've been a fan for 15 years or so, and I always miss the live Corny Joke Day broadcast.  So, I'm emailing you my joke - it's a bit long, but well worth it:

There once was a world-famous circus trapeze acrobat who sought to perfect the quadruple- spinning somersault. He tried and tried but couldn't succeed. He determined that there was only one solution: The person catching him on the opposite trapeze had to be an exact clone.

The acrobat connected with an underground mad scientist and made it happen. He produced an exact clone, trained him as an acrobat and wowed millions with the never-before seen stunt. As the months passed, he discovered a problem with the clone. During performances, the clone spouted very loud profanities. The problem was increasing to the point that audiences were thinning due to the foul language. The acrobat decided that the clone had to go. One day he rigged the trapeze causing the clone to fall to his death.

A few days after, the acrobat found himself under arrest in a police interrogation room. The acrobat emphatically pled his case with police, claiming that it wasn't murder because the clone wasn't actually a person. The police detective told him he wasn't being charged with murder. "Why am I in jail then?" asked the acrobat.

The detective said...." For making an obscene clone fall."




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