7 Things Men Find Attractive in a Woman
July 1, 2019
7 Things Men Find Attractive in a Woman

1. She is really passionate about something in her life.  It could be rescuing cats or growing vegetables in the inner city. By having a passion for something, he gains respect for you, and you demonstrate some depth. It also gives him an opportunity to do special things for you. For example, he could bring some fertilizer and help you garden.

2. She has a sense of humor. If you make him laugh, you already have a piece of his heart.

3. She is decisive, but not pushy. Men like to support, help, and rescue damsels in distress, but they don’t want a totally distressed damsel all of the time.

4. She notices the small things. Appreciating the little things makes a very big difference.

5. She is kind. You can be beautiful and sexy, but if you’re not kind, the relationship is going to quickly wear thin.

6. She likes his friends. You get along with his friends and aren’t jealous of them.

7. She is happy. Granted, it’s impossible to be satisfied and happy all of the time, but if you’re typically not happy, that’s not going to be attractive.

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