Because of Dr. Laura
January 31, 2017
Because of Dr. Laura

Dr. Laura:

My husband called me from a business trip before he went to bed.  He told me "I miss you.  I was thinking about how I leave my bathroom counter a mess, my dishes in the sink and you don't say a word - you just wipe things up and put things away.  Why don't you nag me anymore?"  I told him "It's because of Dr. Laura!" And he laughed and said "I LOVE that Dr. Laura!"

It's true - I hear your voice saying to me "Don't be a nagging wife," and I smile sweetly and love him.  He provides a beautiful home, nice cars, and a housekeeper every Tuesday!  I don't freak out, and occasionally have to physically cover my mouth with my hand to make sure the nagging stuff doesn't come out because I hear you in my head.  My brain-to-mouth reflexes are getting much quicker, thanks to you!  

My husband is good-looking, a great provider, and he loves me.  It is shocking how much better men treat you when you simply treat them like MEN - when you are nice, loving, smell good, take care of yourself and cook, even if it's just a few times a week.  We're going on five years of marriage - no kids yet, but we're leading pretty good life!


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