Parents Comparing Siblings
October 14, 2014
Parents Comparing Siblings

I grew up the "star" and my poor sister was the shadow. She was constantly compared to me: grades, athleticism, morals, etc. It was devastating for her. She is extremely smart, but since she felt she couldn't live up to my stellar example, she never went to college and became addicted to drugs. Being the star wasn't great either. I felt under constant pressure to be perfect. Obviously I wasn't and I developed an eating disorder. 

I learned a lot from the way my parents parented. Basically I learned to do it completely differently. And I do. I recognize that my children are very different and that each have gifts and skills that I need to encourage. I have an A student, Type A athlete and a B student, easygoing, artist. 

Thank you for all you do, Dr. Laura. You helped me pick a wonderful husband who is nothing like my father. And you help me be (not try) a good wife and mother. Keep up the nagging!! 


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