Children Are Not Dry Cleaning
January 27, 2012
Children Are Not Dry Cleaning

This is in response to the email of the day: Feeling Sad for Kids

My son, 11, has me at home, Dad working. Yes, I too see these children being picked up at 6pm, dropped off in the morning at 7am. One of the little girls told me she went to bed late last night, at 10:30pm - I asked why, is everything okay? She said her Mom only made dinner at 10pm. Why does anyone choose to have a child and treat that child like the laundry? Drop it off, Pick it up.

Parents - your children love coming to my house, playing with my son, talking to me, eating healthy snacks, running, laughing. So many parents say, "Are you really telling me about my child?... They were good?... They ate that?... They talked to you?" Your children are STARVING for your undivided attention - they need YOU! They want a relationship with YOU - their PARENT!

A girl did a project with my son - they received a 95! It was a great job. I was so proud of them.  When my son was on the phone, I asked him to ask her what her Mom and Dad said about the great 95! She replied (this is a full 24 hours after the kids brought home the grade) her Mom didn't look at it and Dad, well, he's busy - Both working and proud of it. They tell me all the time how their jobs are. They may be fulfilling their job CVs, but as for fulfilling their role as parent - I don't even know if an "F" is appropriate.  For an "F" you usually know what you've failed at; these parents have no clue beyond the egg incubator and sperm donor. They are so very fortunate to have such great kids.


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