Taking A Hard Look At My Life
February 29, 2016
Taking A Hard Look At My Life

Dr. Laura:

When I was younger, I went through many "shack-up" relationships.  Luckily, I never got pregnant during that period of my life. My last "shack up" was an abusive and alcoholic boyfriend.  It took everything I had to get the courage up to kick him out, but I did.

Once he was out, I took a hard look at myself and my life.  It wasn't pretty, and I cried a lot over my situation.  But I was a listener to you, and I vowed to finally change for the better.  I needed to become a stronger woman and rise above the bad choices I had made.  I worked several jobs so that I could completely support myself and not run to the first wrong man who said he'd take care of me. 

After two months of being "the new me," I found the man of my dreams.  We've just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary, and I'm proud to say I'm his wife, girlfriend and best friend.  Thank you Dr. Laura for helping me change my life.  Keep up the great work.


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