We Didn't Always Have a Lot but We Did It
August 25, 2016
We Didn't Always Have a Lot but We Did It


Hi Dr. Laura,

I just want to tell you that with your values I have done GOOD.

I received my college degree in 1967. I then got married and stayed home raising my 3 children. During that time I received my Master's degree in religious studies. This was a very slow process, one evening at a time. My children are all now physicians. My daughter went to Duke on a full athletic scholarship and my sons to the Naval Academy. Go Navy!

I have been teaching Scripture for 29 years at a private Catholic prep school. God has been good to us. My husband and I are in our 70's and we both work full time. We did not always have a lot but we did it!!! Now we have more!!!! You are a great influence on your show. Thank you!

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Posted by Staff at 10:57 AM