The Courage to Confront a Bullying Dad!
October 16, 2014
The Courage to Confront a Bullying Dad!

Recently, I was on the beach at the Jersey Shore for a late summer vacation. I watched 2 little brothers approximately 7 and 4 in ages, rough-housing appropriately in the surf. The cigarette smoking father watched from about 10-15 strides away. The "wife" was there too, but not watching the kiddie wrestling scene. Next, the 4-year-old took hold of the 7-year-old's face with his little finger nails. It seemed it was the only defense he could bring to the fight to offset the bigger brother who kept knocking him down again and again and again. From a 4-year-old's stand point, it seemed pretty logical to me. 

I think the proper adult intervention would have been to go over break up the talon snatching and insert a little pearl of a life lesson. BUT....enter the amped up, jacked up, Mohawk sporting "dad". He gunned down to the surf grabbed the 4-year-old by the head, yoked him, shook him and threw him to the ground and exclaimed, "There will be NO FIGHTING!" Then he basically did the same thing to the older kid; shaking him and knocking him down too. When the kids got up, he knocked them down again. That was, Dr. Laura, appeared in my mind and in my voice. I sprang up from my prostrate, sunbathing position and hauled ass to the scene. Well, you can imagine what ensued next. The bloke got all nervous that I called him out. I was YELLING so loud, I lost it. My husband slithered into the scene for protection and tried to diffuse the situation because the offender was a loose cannon and was making threats to me. The wife was fumbling and embarrassed; it was horrible. The idiot packed up the family and stormed off the beach calling back lewd insults about my anatomy. Jerk. I made a police report. There were witnesses. 

I have more courage today and more self-respect than I have ever had because of you Dr. Laura. I am not afraid to stand up for what is right.  Dr. Laura, thank you. You are a rock star and I truly respect and admire who you are and who you call us to be. God bless you and your good work always. 


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