Lemons Into Lemonade
January 22, 2015
Lemons Into Lemonade

Dear Dr. Laura:

These last several months have been very difficult for me.  We moved from California (the place I love) to Washington State, so our kids could be close to grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family.   When we first decided to move, we decided to give up some adult joys so we could give our kids a better life, so we naively expected it to go pretty smoothly.  My husband got what we thought was a better job.  Unfortunately, that's when things went the opposite of "smoothly," and everything that could go wrong did.

I focused on some things you've said on your show, and while life isn't better yet, my attitude is.  I'm working out, meeting friends, and making a peaceful home for my husband through his work struggles, while keeping our kids as happy as possible.  I've decided that even though life isn't going my way, it could be a lot worse. 

Please keep doing what you're doing because it has made a big difference in how people like me approach the temporary storms that life seems to throw us.


Posted by Staff at 10:59 AM