Choosing a Husband
August 9, 2018
Choosing a Husband

I was divorced in 1984 after 18 years of marriage, not being aware of you when I married the first time in 1964. It was terrible. After dating to see what I didn't want in a husband, I was in the shower where I did my clear thinking and said to myself, "Of course, these are the things I want." Now I was ready to possible remarry. The year was 1987. I wanted…

  • 1. A widower (because I wasn't a nasty divorcee, therefore, I didn't 't want to deal with one who was.)
  • 2. Him to have grown children. I didn't want to raise children.
  • 3. Someone established in his career and not trying to find himself. 
  • 4. He had to be between 45-55 because I was 44.

To my amazement, sometime later I was fixed up with such a man!!!!
He had been my Pharmacist when I was married. Now, he is in my life for 24 wonderful years. I got all my wishes and more. I feel women should have a clear picture of what they want in a husband.

As you always say, "if you don't respect yourself how can you get respect in return."

Thank you not only for your time but for your advice.


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