I Married A Real Man
February 13, 2020
I Married A Real Man

I am a (predominantly) stay-at-home wife with a wonderful, caring, generous husband. I "work" two nights a week at a dance studio teaching ballet to ages ranging from 3-7, and then 9-17. I love teaching, but I am also expecting our first child this summer.

My dear husband and I were talking about the baby and I mentioned I was undecided as to whether I wanted to continue teaching dance after the baby was born. On the one hand I could bring him/her with me to class, but I have concerns about exposing our child to the numerous diseases I see paraded through constantly. On the other hand, I didn't think I wanted to tie myself down to a commitment that might induce me to find a sitter because it's more convenient. As I expressed these thoughts, my husband looked down at his hands and then over to me and said "Just stay home. It's my job to take care of both of you." As soon as he said that my heart melted once again for this amazing and caring man I have.

I try every day to make sure he knows how much I appreciate and love him. He is a strong, assertive, protective provider and I have never needed anything as long as we've been married. He's the only man I didn't intimidate (I'm quite tall). It sounds silly, but for a woman who intimidated every man she had ever gone out with, the confidence was a refreshing change. Because of his confidence, I knew I could let down my guard and he would protect me at any cost. I am never afraid when he is around. He is the classic "Real Man," and I am the luckiest woman in the world to have him.

Thank you for reminding women of who our husbands want and need to be, and for giving us the courage to let them live up to their potential!


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